The Youth Resource daytime Drop In Center is open Monday-Friday at varied times for youth up to the age of 24. Both are located at 505 N. 24th St. See the map below.

The Center offers an opportunity for youth to meet their basic needs in a low-barrier, safe and secure environment. Youth have access to food, clothing, and hygiene items in addition to shower and laundry facilities. The drop-in center is not a shelter, but it provides an important space for youth to escape the elements and, for a short time, a chance to rest and refocus. Our goal is, as expeditiously as possible, to divert youth toward stable housing, employment, education and wellbeing.

Tumbleweed’s Youth Resource Center partners with youth to move from surviving to thriving. Programming begins and continues according to the individual needs of the participants. For some youth, first steps may include obtaining a birth certificate or ID; other youth may need to practice skills for job readiness. At Tumbleweed, we strive to meet youth where they are.

While we often approach needs and skills acquisition individually, we also recognize the importance of community. Our Resource Center includes group sessions on a range of topics from budgeting to drug and alcohol issues. In groups, youth are empowered to assist others by listening, lending support, and problem solving.