Tumbleweed Volunteer Projects are an integral part of Tumbleweed’s vision to end youth homelessness in our community. Our projects are easily adaptable for individuals and groups – including projects that range from sorting donations to working directly with our youth.

Every day, volunteers make a difference in the lives of the youth and young adults at Tumbleweed. This support is invaluable and increases our capacity to serve those in need. Volunteers spread our message as ambassadors, make resources available and easily accessible, and impact the daily lives of our youth.

Please find our volunteer opportunities below:


Every afternoon during the week, Tumbleweed serves a hot meal for youth and young adults who stop into our Front Door Services hours.  We depend on our volunteers to provide a hot and yummy meal for approximately 25-30 hungry youth and young adults to enjoy during this time.

If you are interested, please call 406-259-2558 or  SIGN UP HERE

*Meals can be prepared at a location and time of your choice!


There is nothing our youth love more than home-made baked goods when they come into Tumbleweed! Bake (or purchase) your favorite treat and drop it off to Tumbleweed’s main office for our youth to enjoy in our lobby.


We have found that the most creative and awesome ideas have come from our volunteers! Do you have an idea for a project? We would love to hear it! Call 406-259-2558 to be in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, and let’s brainstorm!

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using the link below or call 406-259-2558 to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator!

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