Tumbleweed’s board of directors provides governance and oversight to the organization.

It also helps to secure adequate resources, both human and financial, to fulfill its mission. The board has four standing committees: executive, finance, development, and facilities.

  • Photo of Tyler Crennen, Board Chair
    Tyler Crennen
    Board Chair
  • Photo of Angela Stiller, Vice Member
    Angela Stiller
    Vice Chair
  • Photo of Brian Ewing, Secretary
    Brian Ewing
  • Photo of Elizabeth Nedrow, Treasurer
    Elizabeth Nedrow
  • Photo of Ben Flanagan, Past Chair
    Ben Flanagan
    Past Chair
  • Photo of Jeff Walters, Board Member
    Jeff Walters
    Board Member
  • Photo of Christian Hannesson, Board Member
    Christian Hannesson
    Board Member
  • Photo of Tyler Herbert, Board Member
    Tyler Herbert
    Board Member
  • Photo of Laurie Smith, Board Member
    Laurie Smith
    Board Member
  • Photo of Tauzha Grantham, Board Member
    Tauzha Grantham
    Board Member